About Carole

To see into another is a gift.

To share this insight with you is a privilege.
Psychic since young, Carole is in a unique position to clearly see where you are going and what is in store for you. 
Carole's detailed and accurate insights allow her to assist you in breaking through the barriers that hold you back from achieving your full potential in life. 
Where are you going right now!  Let Carole help you achieve your goals and shed light on your personal concerns such as love, romance, career and business to put you on the right path to success and personal freedom.
Don’t wait for tomorrow!
See what your future holds now and how you can help shape it.
Unveil the mysteries within you, find the lighter side of life and allow the good luck to flow with Carole.
Venue's where you may have seen Carole:

Gypsy Manor
Folk Festival
Various Spiritual Festivals, Charity Events, Business Launch's and Fairs

Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia